I Still Remember
When the planets were converging, like the Mayan culture told us, we were waiting for the sign; you walked into the room and Lord! you laid your eyes on mine! and I still remember- I still remember. In the long and the cold of night, it fit my heart like a glove, I still remember your love.
and when my days are numbered down, and they lay these bones in the ground, or throw my ashes to the wind, I'll soar somewhere, and I tell you then: I'll still remember
Lyrics Credits: gypsilady
Music Credits: gypsilady
Producer Credits: Johnny Neel & GypsiLady
Publisher Credits: Gypsilady & Brown Music Productions, Inc.BMI
Performance Credits: TheTennessee 5
Label Credits: Gypsil
Short Song Description:
a sweet love song, remembering a precious moment that began a deep love affair
Story Behind the Song:
Simply honoring what was, and the sweet sense of it's deep and immortal nature.
Song Length: 5:04
Primary Genre: Folk-Country
Secondary Genre: Folk-Bluegrass
Tempo: Slow (71 - 90)
Lead Vocal: Instrumental
Subject Matter 1: Karma
Subject Matter 2: Healing
Mood 1: Serene
Mood 2: Relaxed
Language: English