Not a Rose vocal
I'm keepin' it in my mind - sometimes
it's just 'that's the way it goes'
every moment isn't sunrise
every flower's not a rose
there have been times when i have known
every step of the path i walked down
these are not those times
and there have been days when i have seen
love deep and warm as in my finest dreams
these are not those times
these are not those days
these days i'm
keepin' it in my mind .......sometimes
it's just that's the way it goes
every moment isn't sunrise
every flower's not a rose
Lyrics Credits: Gypsilady
Music Credits: Gypsilady
Producer Credits: Johnny Neel
Publisher Credits: Gypsilady & Brown Music Productions, Inc.
Performance Credits: Tennessee 5
Short Song Description:
life is sweet and sour.
the rose is for me the most beautiful (my mother's favorite) but there's a place also for the dandelion, and the weed.
Long Song Description:
I am a conceptually driven - a philosophical type - a psychology professor. i love the why of things. sometimes it's just as it is. period.
let it rest.
Story Behind the Song:
those who are searching for endless romance will eventually stumble
sometimes it's just a not so great day
learning this, and being at peace with it, inspired this song.
just accept, let it be. take a break
start again another day.
Song Length: 4:06
Primary Genre: Folk-Country
Secondary Genre: Country-Alternative
Tempo: Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Life
Subject Matter 2: Philosophy
Mood 1: Composed
Mood 2: Content
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