Your Touch
Lyrics Credits: meta a lothman
Music Credits: meta a lothman
Producer Credits: Gypsilady & Brown Music Productions
Publisher Credits: Gypsiladfy & Brown Music Productions
Performance Credits: Tennessee Five
Short Song Description:
The power of deep love to cleanse, to heal, to release the past, and bring us to the eternal now from where all blessings flow. A love song
Long Song Description:
Emotional woundedness stays with us until we open the wound and allow the healing. Only passionate deep moments are strong enough to quiet remembered pain. The song is a tribute to the power of touch, from the moment of birth until the last good-by, it c
Story Behind the Song:
I have known moments so full there was no room for pain. If I only could have stayed longer in those times, I would have no wounds at all. This was one of those moments; I captured it as best I could in a love song.
Song Length: 5:17
Primary Genre: Folk-Alternative
Secondary Genre: Pop-Easy Listening
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal